How many languages does Chris de Burgh speak?
English, French, Spanish, and German (He understands German better than he speaks it).

How many hits has Chris de Burgh had?
He has one number 1 hit with 'The Lady In Red' in United Kingdom and number 3 in the United States. He has had lots of hits in other countries, as well.

Has Chris de Burgh recorded any songs that he has not released?
Yes, Chris de Burgh has written and played a number of songs throughout the years in the music business, but none of them have been recorded for release.

Where to find information about Chris de Burgh's band members?
You can find this information on Chris de Burgh band members page. To see this page and find more information about his band members click here.

Why is it that Chris de Burgh tours all over the world but not the United States?
Financially, it doesn't make sense since he is not very well exposed in the United States and the chance of a successful US tour is remote. Touring isn't guaranteed to sell more records since there is a lack of industry support for Chris de Burgh in the United States.

What nationality is Chris de Burgh?
He was born in Argentina but he holds a British Nationality.

When is Chris de Burgh's birthday?
October 15, 1948.

What is Chris de Burgh's wife's name?

How many children does Chris de Burgh have?
Chris de Burgh has three children, Rosanna, Hubie, and Michael.

How did Chris de Burgh meet his wife Diane?
He was at University. He often went out with a friend and his sister (Diane), and they often had parties. It wasn't love at first sight.

How tall Is Chris De Burgh?
According to Chris de Burgh in an interview in Getaway Gazette he is 5' 6".

Is Rosanna Davison (Miss World 2003) Chris de Burgh's daughter?
Yes, she was selected as Miss Ireland and later won Miss World 2003.

Was 'The Lady In Red' written for his wife Diane?
Chris de Burgh's inspiration for this song came when he saw Diane in a nightclub, but did not know it was her. He realized that often people never quite appreciate the most important person in their lives and they fail to notice the things that brought them together. It wasn't written either for or about Diane but this was the basis of the song.

Did Chris de Burgh write anything for his children?
He wrote a song for Rosanna which was called ‘For Rosanna‘ when she was born. The one for his second child, Hubie, was called ‘Just A Word Away‘. And for his third child, Michael, he wrote ‘The Son And The Father‘.

Does that strange language in the ‘Carry On’ song have meaning?
Yes! The strange language in the ‘Carry On’ is in English but backwards. It is:

Set a course for the stars,
Destination unknown,
The universe is calling the world,
Towards her last and final resting place,

But when you write it from right to left then it turns into:

Sratseht rofesruo cates,
Nwonknu no it anitsed,
Dlroweht gnillacsi esrevinu eht,
Ecalp gnitser lanif dnatsal rehs-drawot, And if you read it, It looks like what you can hear in the 'Carry On' song.

What does the beeping at the beginning of 'Ship To Shore' mean?
It’s Morse Code and spells out the title of the song.

Why is Chris de Burgh's album called the 'Power of Ten'?
Because it was his tenth studio album. Did Chris de Burgh ever make the follow up to the 'Spanish Train'?
Yes, it's called 'The Devils Eye' and is found in the 'Crusader' album.

What is the translation of the lyrics "Nous serons encore amoureux, Avec le couleurs de printemps..." in the song 'Rainy Night In Paris'?
We will be still in love, with the colours of spring.

Where I can buy Chris de Burgh's albums in the United States or other countries?
Chris de Burgh is signed to A&M in the United Kingdom and in the United States they don't support him. Therefore it is difficult to buy his albums in the United States. Most of the times his albums released via special deals with US distributors or Internet online ordering companies such as Amazon. They usually import Chris de Burgh's CDs directly from the UK or Germany. You can check our Buy Online page if you like to order Chris de Burgh's CDs in the United State or other countries online.
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